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About Us – If You looking for cool mentalism tricks, magic tricks, mind reading, card tricks to play with your friends, then Here I’m with the best mentalism,card magic tricks,now you can do magic tricks

Mentalism – Our Story

As you’ve found your way here we figure you’re probably just like us and you’re fascinated by the world of magic and illusion.

People like Harry Houdini, David Copperfield, David Blaine, Dynamo, and Penn and Teller are your heroes and you’ve spent countless hours watching them. And yet, you’ve still not been able to answer the question “How do they do that?”

We would never give away the specific secrets of the great magicians. But we’ve created this site, so you can become one of the greats if you choose to spend the time and energy to learn.

Mentalism – Our Promise to You

Within the pages of workcups.com you’ll find articles and videos that. Explain how to do many tricks you’ve seen performed by illusionists on the stage or television.

We’ve got information on how to learn easy card, coin, and advanced magic tricks. We’ve also help you begin your career as magician if want to take your skills to next level.

Can workcups.com Teach You How to Read Minds?

Yes, we can. On our Mind Reading page, you’ll learn about how hypnotism and how to read people by their actions and behavior. Our Mentalism page has some videos from some of the masters and we tell you about our exclusive mentalism training.

Whether card tricks, mentalism, or mind reading want to learn. We have all here workcups.com. Don’t forget to check out our training packages and please, send us videos of your best tricks!